Book Review – Daughter of the Flames by Zoë Marriott

Daughter of the FlamesZahira is a young woman of the conquered Rua people, their country occupied by another, very different culture – the Sedorne. Zahira is an orphan and has been raised to despise and distrust the occupying population, as well as to be a devout follower of the native religion. But everything changes for Zahira when her home and foster family are destroyed and she finds out some shocking truths about her heritage and real family. Realizing that it is up to her to do something about the violence and upheaval that are tearing her country apart, she must learn to accept her Sedorne origins and try to bridge the gap between the warring cultures. But when her own people suspect her of treachery for her ideas – especially after she saves the life of a Sedorne nobleman and begins to fall in love – the epic task ahead of her seems insurmountable… (Via Goodreads)

Pages: 226

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy\Romance

My Rating: 3 stars

As I said before in my BooktubeAThon Wrap-up I have read this book before but it was quite a while ago. There were a lot of things I had forgotten about the plot and what happens so it was nice to go back and experience it again. If only I could do that with some other books *cough* Harry Potter *cough*.

In general I really like this book but it isn’t a favourite. The plot doesn’t have anything spectacular that sets it aside from other books but it is still enjoyable.

Something I always enjoy when reading this is reading about the religion in the book and about the temple\place of worship the story begins in. It really translates the warm welcoming atmosphere and it is easy to emerce yourself in that world. That paired with the characters introduced at the beginning of the book make it a very good start to a book.

As the book progresses the story becomes a little less believable. The antagonist comes in to the story at a late point and makes it seem very rushed as though the author wanted to finish writing or as if the planning needed a little more time spent on it. It was almost as if she forgot that there needed to be an antagonist at all. The writing is still good and it is still enjoyable to read though.

Moving on to the romance in the book now. It again seems rushed. The circumstances that lead to the main characters becoming a couple are believable but even in those circumstances them falling in love would have taken a lot longer. I would expect them to be fond of each other, then gradually introduce the romance. That did happen to some extent but not enough. I couldn’t tell how fast time was moving. At one point he is talking to her and the next they are all planning the wedding.

After having said all of that it is still a good book but you have to go in to it with medium to low expectations. It will not blow your mind with a cleverly planned plot twist nor will the romance knock your socks off. It is a nice book to read to fill the time when you feel like reading something short and simple that includes the fantasy aspect.

Until next time,

Tori x


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